I’m concern with Riyale and help to Somaliland’s while he has failed to solved the problem in Somaliland where people have been suffering 4 centuries. Mr president must take tough measures against flying same where rather than making your self good leader to the media but not to his people and country let Riyaale, not forget the say that charity begins at home we Somalilander’s citizen are watching how would your life be after stepping down as Somaliland ruler but not leader.

I’m assuring u Mr president that history has the beginning and its ending your regime would ceased soon and i wonder how your recognition would look like among African leaders, Like O respect leader’s.

Somaliland should be free to political corruption from such rotten behaviors, because they portray how much backward we are still. However, its not too late for us to think twice and reform. I even believe that most people who practice such evil are not christians and if they are, then these are the false prophets we have in this generation, and a watchful eye is relevant in this regard.

Am really sorry for these guys…as things stand we haven’t arrived at that -where we can say each one is responsible for a, b, c, even at his or her own home.To me, i believe we are still backward and some one above you or elderly and responsible tells you what to do. Unless may be it is this time that you are now talking. Other wise you have to convince ben and perhaps a couple of folks please about all this important issue. So for me leaders as yet have a upper hand to look into this and to sensitize people please. Why did we elect them?.

Or let me put it this way some one must be responsible about all this, other wise if you say all people will be responsible, bet me -you might notice that no one will be responsible please. Do you love you country, why offer such an idea? why, why please. Do you live in this Somalilandor not? Have you forgotten your culture and the way things work out? please lets love our country from our hearts and correct bad leader’s those who collect only many nothing else.

I was recently driven into surprise when our constitutional law lecturer noted that it would be awrong approach if all the blame is pushed on the legislature and the excutive for poor governance of the country but I have come to see the light in that every thing begins with us who vote such weak,self centered guys.

Many would probably agree with me that we as voters have always sold our concience,we are blinded by cheap things,little money that can’t last for a single day and we have sold our nation to such people who want to get back what they gave out and as a result such members concetrate on gaining money raher than representing the views of the poor people.We as voters need to choose the right people who has the region and the country at heart .all we need is patriotism among our representatives.

Rayaale and his hypocrites believe that democracy is a commodity that is installed by force. Instead of democracy being a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, somaliland democracy has evolved into a government over the people, with dissent tolerated as long as it is not effective. In the JSL style democracy, the people are deceived, lied to, and manipulated into acceptance of policies which are against their own interest, or which have significant side affects that are hidden until irreversible.

When a life change occurs, we have two choices in how to respond. We can despair that a change has come and assume that things will be worse, or we can look with excitement at the new possibilities that the change presents. our political party aspiration has been to make of JSL a true democracy. Any modern democracy must protect the principle of secular laws, which must not be misunderstood as the state’s right to suppress freedom of speech. He knows, how he can change this country to make it a better place for everyone not just the people who can afford it.

Amiin D. caynaanshe
Columbus,Oh USA


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