Many of the leaders in our society are guided by unhealthyintentions. Instead of seeking to serve the people and heal
our nation’s ills, their actions and decisions are primarilymotivated by their desire for power. Many of the people running our country are run by their addictions to approval, power and control.

Unfortunately, few truly healthy individuals want to submit themselves to the necessaryabuses inherent to our political races – the verbal abuse both given and received, the huge amounts of money spent,the integrity sacrificed through the concessions, lies and manipulations offered in order to win.

Our system of electing our officials is so corrupt that there is littlepossibility of attracting a person with a strong, personally
responsible, loving inner adult self. This is not to say thatnone of our elected representatives are honest and caring.Except Ucid party.Some are certainly motivated by positive intentions but, unfortunately, they constitute a minority.

There is no training required in personal responsibility torun for office. Our leaders are not required to heal their dysfunctional aspects in order to become honest andtrustworthy people. The prerequisites for political positions mostly include having enough money, enough powerful people behind the scenes, being male, and being white.

Our political arena is designed to attract wounded people who need approval and power in order to feel worthy and validated.Obviously, such a person, with little or no internally derivedsense of self-worth and integrity, is very susceptible to corruption. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Power corrupts when a person
is motivated by his or her desire for power over others, and few people have accomplished enough inner healing to transcend the desire for control over others.

A healthy person in office who is more concerned with serving the people than with getting re-elected could accomplish a great deal. however, is a man of heart, and rather than allowing himself to be controlled he sets about making necessary changes.

We need sameone even takes responsibility for the corruption.of course, afantasy. Sadly,we would never elect a man of such integrity a straight forward,honest, caring, and financially middle-class man.Our election processbad habit does not allow for this.

Revamping our election process would give people like middle-class an opportunity to run for office. We desperately need people whocare more for the common good than for their own popularity.We need brilliant, creative, honest and caring people to leadour country, but this will never happen with our present election system.

We have incredible talent in this great country of ours,talent that could eliminate hunger and homelessness, and heal the internal wounds that create health problems, power abuse,political violence and corruption. But this talent is rarely tapped because running our country has been based on the earthly values of greed and power over others rather than the spiritual values of honesty, compassion and caring.

Unfortunately, neither our government nor most big businesses are based on the spiritual principles of compassion and caring about the common good. I have no doubt that if our government was based on spiritual principles we would not have the hunger,homelessness, crime, health problems, and power abuse that are endemic to our modern society.

Somaliland nation, a nation that must learn from what it endured in the past.A nation that must review its bloody racial history and not repeat the same mistakes. A nation that must vet incompetence when electing leaders of high office…

I sincerely hope that Somaliland people will recuperate and survive the immense moral and emotional damage that has been inflicted upon it over the last 40 years.

Amiin D. Caynaanshe
Columbus.Oh, USA


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