To feel love and compassion for all, observe nature with totality of mind in it. Look around to observe things as if you are to seeing them for the very first time. Become one with the object of observation.

The sun provides light and warmth irrespective of who benefits from it. It shines on all. The clouds, mountains and jungles follow the same example of universal love. Trees provideus shade, fruits and flowers for healthy environment and food for hungry with the same unattached benevolence for all. They do not demand any favour in return. The earth matures the seeds into healthy plants irrespective of who planted the seeds or who will benefit from them. This truly is like mother’s love which is equal and forgiving for all children even when some are the cause of hurt to her.

If one learns from nature, the word will be a much better place as the destructive tendencies like jealousy, envy, hatred and selfishness will be eliminated

A new ers of mutual love and trust will dawn on earth. All differences of caste, colour, race gender and age will melt away. Most of the modern age problems have arisen because we have stopped learning from nature and caring for it.

Imagine the blissful feeling one gets when listening to the chirping of birds at dawn, observing the river flowing its course, looking at the snow-clad peaks of mountains, talking a stroll in a forest with majestically standing tall trees and looking at the moon on a full–moon night or a star-studded sky on amavasya night. The divine feeling generated by such experiences compel one to ponder over the meaning of life, our place in the universe and create an urge to become one with the divine to experience eternal bliss. Live with nature, love nature, protect nature, learn from the nature and you will soon rise above all selfish tendencies and become a votary of universal love.

Since long we have been drawing spiritual inspiration from nature. Nature tell us the selfish deeper meaning and interconnectedness in things & people with its universal language, the nature’s beauty serves as a bridge connecting the hearts.

land says that the deep meaning of it cannot be understood intellectually but only intuitively. The idea wants to convey is that one can draw deep spiritual inspiration even from simple things like looking at an ordinary flowers and pondering over its beauty. Its divine massage, the mystery of creation.

The main cause of discontent of mind, heart and spirit is to spend too much time in indoors and being away from the nurturing restorative powers of nature. So some time in the woods mountains, open meadows or walking barefoot on the beach. Drink in the beauty of nature as much as you can. Even if you live in the city, go and walk on the grass in a park. you will feel more complete, rejuvenated and blissful.

I am equal to you!
Who am I? Who are you? We are, above all human being- each worthy of respect and dignity, each capable of doing great good in the world…and respect our country forest.

Unless we built a society that regards human being not as a means to a goal but as a means to a goal but as the goal itself we will remain forever deadlocked in inequality unhappiness and violence, in a world where the strong prey upon the weak

It is vital that the citizen of all nations see themselves and others first and foremost as human being. We have to raise people’s awareness of human right through education. Our schools must teach human rights and how to respect our land our forest,our government must respect human rights and our forest .

Amiin Dahir


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