Can we say that a particular Ministry was supposed to be at the scene to stop such an environmental problem?

Great confusion still persists in Somaliland when issues of responsibility and accountability on who is actually responsible with Environment Protection and Control in Somaliland is concerned? Who is responsible with environment degradation and its negative impacts to human life in Somaliland? Is it the Vice presidents office, Local Government, Ministry of Agriculture (Water) or Local and International NGOs? I think we need to be serious if real we knew the effect of poor environment.

To me, Environment is everything that makes up our surroundings and affects our ability to live on the earth—the air we breathe, the water that covers most of the earth’s surface, the plants and animals around us, and much more. Is it impossible to place this important issue under one roof for improved expected impacts? Giving more than two Ministers to deal with one critical problem weakens responsibities.

There are different organs that deals with environmental issues in our country, But do anyone represents the central government and other branch of goverment is there as the an advisory body.In our municipalities there are sections that also control issues of environment at that level.Indeed confusion ought to occur or they are existing as to what organ is responsible for a particular activity. The responsible party for environmental protection is simply a work of each and every one of us because it is the human activities that is leading to environmental degradation.

To at least curb this trend human always give themselves some guidlines and rules to help them atleast achieve sustainable development.At the moment Somaliland has no umbrella legislation or law that will guide us on how to tackle the problem of environmental degradation in its totality.By having environmental law issues as what organ will have mandate in environmental issues will be defined having a ministry of environment like many nation of this world have. This alone will eliminate people who are working in issues and environmental organs but truly they are not supposed to be there

when we think of environmental degradation as well as impacts. I would say that environmentalists are the ones responsible to do various research activities to know which factors leads to desertification, erosion, degradation, loss of biodiversity etc. Later disseminate findings to all of us for the betterment of our environment. Normally, environmental impacts are caused by human activities or they occur naturally. On the human side of view, more pressure that they put on the land like clearing farms for agricultural activities, especially through the application of a traditional farming method called slash and burn each year to make life. Also cutting trees for timber, building poles, fuelwood.

I suggest that all Offices which are currently dealing with Environmental issues in the country (1) the National Environment Management Council, this being under the Vice President’s Office and (2) the Ministry of Natural Resource to continue with their super jobs. Last but not least, we are supposed to know that, apart from the mentioned Offices above, all Ministries in Somaliland in one way or another are linked through various existing policies and laws which were created by taking into account cross cutting issues like environment, poverty,This means, environmental matters are not in one roof but many roofs. So, on my side, the whole governmental structure the way it is at the moment as far as environmental issues are concerned is perfect.

In order for us to achieve our goads towards utilization of our environment for sustainable development we need to use laws, policies e.g. population policy. Such policies to keep safe our tree .. But it is vital to create awareness among all Somalilanders.

We normally think that having acts, laws, policies or creating boards to oversee things is a way forward. This is sign of in effective and disfunctioning. Somaliland really dont know the danger of environmental degradation. We have witnessed that for the past three decades People are cutting trees as if there will be no more generations in this country, think about in the rural areas? Let us wake up

Amiin Caynaashe


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