Electing Faisal Ali president do think the first step in redeeming Somaliland democracy. The second step must be indicting president Dahir Riyale kaahin, giving him a fair trial, finding him guilty of many criminal acts and putting him in prison.Think rule of law and justice.

I want President Faisal soon after taking office to go on television and announce the formation of a special group of outstanding jurists and attorneys to make a recommendation whether or not the JSL Justice Department should bring criminal charges against Riyaale,Cawil,Ciro and those who steel colecting many Based on earlier analyses, including work by the Somaliland Tradetional Leaders, I have no doubt they will recommend indictment.

If moral honesty and courage have any meaning, then the nation must take seriously the concept that no president can ever be allowed to be above the law. How can President New President not strongly support this? Surely no president must be allowed to disrespect and dishonor the JSL Constitution. Riyaale broke his oath of office. His behavior was treasonous.

Instead of defending the Constitution he idisgraced. Instead of protecting constitutional rights, including privacy, he sullied them. He asserted his right to ignore or not enforce laws so he could break them. Respect for the office of the presidency must never be allowed to trump truth and justice.

Millions and millions of Somalilanders know that Riyaale made (Daroor Figth) the trigger for initiating an illegal war in Daroor that has killed and maimed so many of people. The most serious crime ever committed in somaliland history.” I say convict Riyale & Cawil of myriad counts of criminally negligent homicide related to both Bari and the Daroor disaster and put him in prison. A former president in prison would not disgrace the presidency. It would restore honor to the office and the Constitution.

Surely millions more people now understand that Riyaale & Cawil,Ciro and those who steel sucking the blood bears responsibility for creating the conditions that encouraged greed-driven capitalism to rape and murder the middle class and push and then our life is meltdown. By removing government oversight and regulation he committed the greatest acts of fraud in the history of mankind. After he made Somaliland democracy delusional he made prosperity delusional.

We the people are paying the price for Riyaale criminal acts and so must he. Why Riyaale & Cawil is sent to prison everyone will see that Somaliland democracy has earned the respect of the world. Everyone will better understand that evil comes in many forms and that even an elected president of the Somalilanders can and must be recognized as a perpetrator of horrendous criminal acts.

Please elect UCID Chair man, make it so. Be the principled person we want you to be. Make the Somalilnd the nation it is supposed to be. Have the courage to do what KULMIYE refused to do when it did not impeach RIYAALE. Change history by showing the world that Somalilnd justice applies as equally to the president as it does to anyone else. Do not let Riyaala and his Team escape the justic and prison sentence they deserves. Do not let respect for the presidency trump respect for justice. If we do not bring Riyaale and cawil to justice that probably only you can make happen, then surely we do not restore respect for the office that you worked so hard to achieve.

To ensure that no future president behaves like Riyaale we must punish him. Not merely through the words of historians, but through the physical punishment that he has inflicted on so many millions of people. In previous eras citizens would have demanded “off with his head.” Now we must demand “lock him up.” How poetic for ex-president. As summed up “Riyaale must be made accountable to the law, to serve as a lesson to all those who would attempt to destroy the Somaliland and Snm system of laws and liberty for the sake of their own power.” This is a test for both President Eng-faisal Cali and Somaliland democracy.

Amiin D. Caynaanshe


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