Neocons: Family members & surviving spouse of SNM have No right to medical care and long term benef

SNM. That’s what you are . Don’t mean nothin’. A pawn for politicians, a piece of your former self. Your songs are silent syllables and your dreams are closed doors without handles. . But here – here, they shake your hand with a smile that measures you for out-of-sight shelf space. The discount rack. Your name, to be whispered when the real patriot are not around. And you hear the phrases: \”Oh, waa hebel hooyadi mise wuxu ahanjirey snmtii\” and they haven\’t been the same since the nation got it\’s independence. mothers who lost their sons are drifting and distant. Not the friendly Not the same.

It\’s a complete travesty that those who have fought for our freedom are soon forgotten, their families marginalized, and left without support .When I saw hooyo Ardo on many S\’lander\’s sites, I was so embarrassed. I am ashamed of my country because it has elected an unqualified clowns before and after . I am ashamed that, Riyaale and his government abandoned SNM and their families. SNMs are not looking for anything special, just the decency of a promise kept. No one owes anything more or less. A promise kept – duty, honor, and country.

Somalilanders are not going to know what hit them. When you get a look at the real Riyaale and his policies will you be outraged? When the Fairness doctrine is passed and the heroes SNM and their families are silenced will you be outraged? When Riyale administration, the executive and the congress passes legislation repealing the amendment that says a president can be president for another 8 years will you be outraged? When he sell your properties and school sites will you be outraged?. I am. Are you? It seems that accountability and hard work are being replaced with entitlements, and majority of somalilanders are too stupid to notice what they fought for and that their liberties and freedoms are slowly taken away by submitting to these wanna bes politicians principles.

For every hooyo Ardo story, there are numerous other outrageous stories of members of a SNM\’s family, or the surviving spouse who has been denied the basic needs ,such as medical and long term care benefits. What the hell can you say? Our heroes (SNM) are tossed aside like broken toys, discarded in the schoolyard of war. After seeing Hooyo Ardo interview, everyone shouts, \”This can’t be happening,\” when they should be shouting, \”This can’t happening – again!\” There it is., the dead are at peace, buried and gone. But the maimed wander the streets forever, reminding us the war. Don’t you chowder heads get it. The government has rejected & dehumanize SNM and their families. There is no secret about it. SNM are not treated with the dignity they deserve. Wake Up!!

The past wars whatever that meant was a ruse to elect a cohort of individuals who would shower some of S\’landers’s wealthiest citizens with even more benefits. And as for this we’re all for smaller government or lets keep the government out of the private business we can now see with alarming clarity the folly of this doctrine. And to call oneself a somalilander patriot when we are fighting hypocrisy and unjust. Hey, who cares right we’ll just saddle future generations with this ballooning hatred. Very socially responsible ideas that can only emanate from a party preaching Moral Values.

I am Somalilander. And ashamed of what it means. speak out, to be emotionally constipated. I am ashamed of my violent history= my tribalism. I am ashamed of the unspoken discourse of supremacy that lies at the heart of my government . I am ashamed of the atrocities that have been committed in the name of democracy. I am ashamed that poverty, bad healthcare and bad system led to my disenfranchisement of so many peoples, the enslavement of some, the obliteration of a few. I am ashamed of our stroppy proles, hypocrites, thugs, and old-geezers.

I am S\’lander. And ashamed of my political culture: the lying, the cronyism, the establishment arse-licking, the secrecy. I am ashamed that I had to elect Mr Dahir Riyaale because he once appeared to us to be marginally better than what went before. I am ashamed of how they dehumanize hooyo Ardo, our dislike of democracy; our dismantling of the presumption of innocence, the right to silence. I am ashamed of Mr rayaale\’s little plans to criminalise the poor.. I am ashamed of so-called politician, the dirty-minded tabloids..

forgive me for sounding so, why i am ashamed of… idealistic, but I thought we as human beings knew that the what happened 19yrs ago, being one of the most awful events in our history was off limits in politics. Here we have elderly, a mother who may have lived through many wars and certainly may have been affected by it. I’m sure my ppl, the voters are already seen what is Riyaale and his government doing to this fragile nation. We have to deal with ones who are demeaning, degrading and dehumanizing our heroes SNM . As we are all aware what we have been through and we know the past was so painful it still some of our heros\’ parents and those who are alive may very well haunt them to this day.

If I were one of these so-called politicians I would be ashamed. In fact, I am ashamed. I am ashamed because I am a somalilander and this is happening in somaliland why?. I am revolted at these tactics because as a somalilander I believe we have become better than the our neighbour (somalia) and their intense hatred for one another and to others. However, in fact we have not.

Well this time, Past and present politicians be damned. This time your tactics will not work. And you should be condemned for them. This is something that we can not sit back and allow. We \”S\’landers\” must tell everyone what they are doing. This can not merely be let go to the wayside. This time they have gone too far. Tell everyone you know about this travesty. We must spread the word. Let your outrage be heard. If we do not then our silence gives consent. Come on, somalilanders. Let’s call on our common sense and stay focused on what’s important. We cannot choose that path again. That’s a risk the SLD people cannot afford to take. we have seen enough Let us know how you feel S\’land peeps. Let it out. Be heard here. Be heard now. Our silence must not give consent. Not this time. Not anymore. Not ever again. Silence is not golden. Silence is fatal,

By Asiya_Garow-Student=Social and Political Science.



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