RIYAALE & SIILAANYO,(UDUB & KULMIYE), If they want to win – and nothing is more important than winning – then they must do every thing to denigrate and ruin the reputation of your opponent. This nasty politics has been with us for a long time.

One honest politician said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Today we must ask our country – our leaders – to do something for all of us – to undo the many wrongs done by those in power and bring this nation back to live. In turn we will commit to doing. our part – to being an engaged citizens. a caring our nation and to living according to the creed.

I think so many of us remember what a true leader is — who we are proud to have represent us to heads of state, speak for what is good and valuable about Somaliland society and make us feel as if we are all working together for a better future.

So many of us are feeling the same way. That’s how I feel. I also feel exhausted by all of the idiotic statements and fear mongering by Siilaanyo and Fake SNM. I wish the election could happen today. It seems like so long since we’ve had a president who is intelligent, curious, thoughtful, well educated. UCID Chairman will be such an inspiring leader. Let us once again aspire to be better educated and to be a better person all around.

This election has simply become about decent people vs. bad people. I know it seems like one of “their” tactics to phrase it in such blunt, Right-and-Wrong moral terms, but that’s how it is. Every thing that they stand for amounts to moral evil – not only in their tactics but their actual goals. As decent people, it’s incumbent on us to face them as UCID leaders does – with good grace, patience and as much understanding as we can muster

Now, contrast that with Eng-Faisal Cali Warabe. Always respectful, even when disrespected. Always calm, even when faced with contempt. Always articulate, never talking down. He never rattles and never takes it personally. He’s not just a diplomat, he’s a gentleman. You know what he has? Manners.

As a matter of fact, it is the tolerance one has for differences which stands out as the true mark of an Somaliland. A real Somalilander realizes that we all depend on each other, that we need to help each other and that unity is decidely better than division.The hope is growing that we can force politicians to give up empty promises and meaningless campaign slogans and replace them with the agenda’s a vast majority of Somaliland agree upon.

We have tried this party, and that party. We have tried power abuse, corruption, and tribilesam, ignorent.

We have wallowed in the civil war, and despised those that fuel it. We have tried power and corruption, and we have forgotten transparency and accountability.

We have tried to live at the expense of everyone else, but complain about the danger of the growing corruption.

We have tried to ask government to provide for us from cradle to grave, but complain that bloated government meddles too much in our lives.

Siilanyo & Riyaale has been told by their political operatives that the only way to win is
by “going negative.” This is what they doing. I don’t think Kulmiye & UDUB is rig. Right but they can do plenty of harm by adopting hate techniques.I hope Riyaale & Siilanyo drops this bad character.

Amiin Dahir


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