I have always believed that political apathy starts at the bottom. That is the citizens. They do not go to meetings when issues are being discussed that impact their lives. They do not speak up at the earlyist opportunity to provide input.

It is an inevitable end result from the transition of politics from an art form that is dominated by those who engage in politics for the love of politics, and a genuine desire to improve conditions and see good done, to cooler, colder, more calculating ‘career’politician, who see it as a job, like in any other company, where the goal is to keep the current party, or company, in power, without the regard to what happens in the country as a whole.

Politician are, indeed, apathetic. They seem to have no true beliefs these days. This is sad, but also inevitable; since to belong to a major party these days is to allow oneself to be submitted to their rules – namely, you must not have an opinion unless it is that of the party. There is no belief behind their politics.

Now, if the politicians really cared and were there for love of country, then they would be more outspoken and genuinely campaign for what they think is right. But they do not, except UCID, since they love their jobs far too much for that. They stay in the safety and toe the party line. They are apathetic, in short, about genuine politics.”

If politicians or other commentators bemoan that no younger people these days are interested in politics, then how can they be blamed? They should look around them – the politicians aren’t interested in politics, the politicians in power aren’t interested in the public’s wishes, and the public, in term, has nowhere to turn to get things done.They must remove it.”

Partisan politics now permeates our goverment It does not matter what the issue is. If one party supports an idea, the other party opposes it, just for the sake of opposition it seems. There is no attempt to find common ground to solve problems. The bickering is non stop. Politics as we know it today, is split along party lines. Period. Exclamation point!

I had never belonged to a “party” until about 5 years ago. I was watching the game There was no middle ground. If that was the case, I concluded, I needed to do something. So, I joined my UCID party which is the pest party who care every body,and the country.

I am proud of myself and my fellow Somalilanders for planed to elected a competent and educated person for president. I am proud of my fellow Somalilanders that Eng,Faisal Cali Warabe.he will carry this pride forward, but, it will now, and forever, remain a pride in a past act. The election is too close. The really difficult part ahead, the real figth ahead.

It is only a little, what I am doing to support our future and UCID party success as a problem solver for our nation. But, I know if millions of other Somalilander’s do these little things as well, we can make a positive difference. We can have a large impact on insuring our nation’s successful efforts to put right these many things that have gone so very wrong in the last 12 years. A little common sense is all that is required, and of course, a bit of courageous hope.

We must support his reasonable solutions, even if mistakes are made and perfect solutions with perfect guarantees of success are hard to come by. Corruption,and fear are the tragedy bearing down upon our future.

I believe anyone capable of an objective assessment who reads UCID platform and their speechs we would agree, he gets it. He is committed to doing his part. Success will depend on whether we do ours. We must follow his lead, since there is no other plan that can garner public support like the current one. We must lean on our representatives to follow his lead. That is our part.

Amiin Dahir


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