The politic must not have corrupt interests.

All these 8 year Riyaale Goverment plans and other were directed not to the better goverment and better life of people and it seems that they weren’t thoroughly planed at all. And we don’t want any more plans like that, peaceful plans that take time in our country will never work, because these plans are organized by the NNS and the mafia.
All I want to say is what we’ve said already.

All our leader do nothing but steal money, and all people continue to saffer and been several destruction. They always say how bad their life is. What is the purpose of crying? Start doing something! I don’t want to repeat the revolution of the SNM with its blood and destruction, but the riot is nesessary. Mass is a great power. If it is used correctly it can change everything i am sure it brings heathy system

To create a change one must have a plan. A well organised constructed plan, one must sacrifice his/her self to actally put that plan in work. You need to be honest, large amounts of honesty. Sure you need the mass, the suport of population, but let me tell you that the population in somaliland is now tired of having to deal with constant changes, which is not changing the corrupted goverment and neglected system. .

Every country has its problems, in every country there are poor people and homeless mother and fathers, but have you ever met such attitude towards people like in our country? I don’t offer anything, because I’m telling that people in Somaliland will never fight for their rights they fight for nonesence and triblesem. They have always been too passive. And it’s not because of Goverments (why do always mention it?) it’s in the nature of our race, it has been so for ages.

Just look at the historical facts. They are just tired from all this commocioun, 1st by the fall of fake goverment, 2 all the difficulties and corruptions, they are tired of the changes someone not the system. I understand what we are feeling, but how much can you strike if the Government does not have the necessary to provide you with what you need. I know very well that there is money in somaliland goverment, but it is you know who’s money, they dont want people,well they want to have even more money.

The history of mankind is a story of unsuccessful experiments, trials and tribulations. Man produces a concept and gives it a trial and after centuries of dreadful conflicts, bloodshed and wars it comes to the conclusion, that the concept he had produced was wrong. Then he brings forth a fresh concept which is generally opposite to the previous one and thus begins fresh experiments on it..

That also proves unsuccessful after passing through the same unfortunate events. The life of man, political, social and economic has reached the present stage after passing through a series of such vicious cycles.

My conclusion is that the democratic parliamentary government is a deception and a most wasteful regime in which the achievement of a small group people is to make fools of a larger group of people in a society; because opinion is something that can easily be guided or modified.

What else can we expect from your corruption? Imagine yourself in this situation:

Amiin Dahir.


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