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A letter to H.E President Jacob Zuma

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to congratulate you on behalf of COSSA in your unmatched victory on the 22nd of April 2009. It’s been inspiring to see the long road you traveled to the presidency.

The point of my letter is to extend a hand of full and also unmatched co-operation between South Africa, Somaliland and the entire Horn of African nations, in my capacity as the citizen of that great region but resident in South Africa. Reasons for my residency here are without saying obvious and I still have deep affection for the country that gave me sense of who I am and things that we can do in the collective.

I am proposing that talks should ensue between your government and the government of Somaliland to deal with issues ranging from education, health, social security, economic security and international relations.

I am certain that you’re certain that the greatest challenge of every president is to deal effectively with the social ills and political questions of a nation, and I have no doubt that South Africa in you has a combatant better able to execute that duty of, improvement and incorporation.

The people who have voted for the African National Congress voted primarily because they believe in your abilities to transform South Africa and make it better from what it was ten years ago and it is my greatest wish that you can prepare them psychologically for the path they are facing and that the relief’s they are hoping for may not come in their age but in another age. The road to that age begging’s here with us now.

It is common cause that HIV/AIDS is the major cause for concern and HIV/AIDS has been a sensitive issue when it comes to you given your rape trial which the courts correctly found it spurious. Crime and xenophobia are other major issues.

I would justifiably assume that major programs are at play to deal with this scourge that is feeding at the finest of our nation; our economic nucleus is slowly fading away. It is my wish Mr. President that you will attend to these matters as matters of urgency.

Congratulations once again for your victory, you deserve it.

Yours sincerely

Saeed Furaa

Media Relations Officer



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