Silence Speaking up

MR. X, Your commendations of Siilaanyo contributions to the progress of “SNM” and Somaliland Nation is highly commendable. No doubt, he has made history that no one can take away from him.Whatever the feelings or position of anyone, it could not be obliterated. He is God-made and chosen in those circumstances.

However, he failed in so many circumstances. You may say its human. But still, equity and fairness to all concerned were not practiced in his roll of CIGAL government especially the way some so called HERO’s were sheilded from the corruption organs and the intensity with which he pursued and dealt with his purported “political enemies” when in cigal government ruling the country.

The worse crime SIILAANYO committed was his failure to improve and show the people he is not a part of Cigal’s goverment as the same way he did A/RAHMAN Goverment, but he did not do it, He supply for a solid 3 years! In fact. it became WORSE for our nation. I mean for a solid 3 Years he was in under cigaal and he can’t say a single word. When our mother crying and our civil war growing. A good example is . THe budget was Billions Dollar and they spent on that civil war. And he is the one who is minestry of fanance and he deos not fixed any thing, What is the condition of the people today? Do you think they vote for him or lake him any more.

Some Somalilanders still found it difficult to understand if what he bequeated to the Nation in terms of Cigal government was planned to sustain his laudable progress and achievements. Some of the close associates of Siilanyo for years always say that he has developed a cognitive structure of not allow anyone to surpass his feats or achievements even to the common ‘Interest’ game. So if this current government could not do much we should not be surprised.

A final important word. Develop a little bit of humility ..Human beings are a mix of good and bad,success and failure, wit and stupidity, love and hate, and being right and wrong. Nobody in conversation, or in any other situation,can speak as an outsider of the human race.You have a right to be human.That means that you have a right to fail sometimes, to be wrong sametimes, Don’t try to cover it.When you do, you remove yourself from the humane race.Learn to admit your mistakes,and other will admit their mistakes.That kind of honesty may scare you to death at first, but it will become addictive and you won’t feel so “dirty” about your dishonesty.

It is good to ask questions, especially when we are uncertaint, unsure or confused.Howerer, we must check our attitudes and be certain thet we do not fall into a positions of “questioning.” Questioning will only yield mistrust and division.

But the questions is..? does he admit his mistakes.During civil war,1993-1996-to-o9.HOllOOW ..Are you there.let me repeat,Does he say one word that is good for our lovely people.. The Answer is,NO..NO. The other Questions is Does he talk about good and peace Now….HOLLOOW….Are you there.

If you answered no to any of the above questions,you are a vivtim……yes you are.

Nevertheless, I think its high time we younger generations take the bull by the horn and reshape our destiny.. Lets take the path of progress and continue where the man has stopped. He has contributed his own

Amiin Dahir



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