No one can totally accurately predict the future, but there are some indicators that show where the country’s going. In my opinion, unless something is done to change the Goverment situation within the country (like ideas on nationalizing resources), the country will go to a dangerous area.

Of particular importance: the demogra situation: Somaliland’s population continues to decline, without sufficient replacements. I have read in several sources that unless something happens soon like to change President and present goverment.That the country will undergo a continuing decline for every thing.

When President Riyaale & Old Gurti take over the power. It was supposed to give benefits for every One and everybody who is normal or disabled. But in reality it is more like the “More People Left The Country” because Govermen corruption and abuse.Also blocked the benefits for those who are need help and those who are lost their father the war, and for those who sick and dont have help or are deaf or blind. Those who then left the country due to the hoples Riyaale Adminstaration. Riyaale Goverment has no consideration for life whatsoever. And he’s literally taking away our benefits with this so called “Peace is importent’ and then abuse the power.”

It means we’ll have less benefits and we will have less of a chance of getting the benefits we need in order to move on in our lives and live the lives we want to live and the govermemt we want. Sometimes i just wish President Riyaale would just go away and for all the terrible things he has done to the Somaliland people.

I’m literally itching from the anticipation.” My God get over it already, he’s the worst second man to ever have been elected into office if there is anything worse Riyaale it’s people who are Pro-Riyaale and spend all their time thinking about him and just can’t seem to get over saying just (We need other Direction)”Just how wonderfull. My God some people just literally need their heads fixed. So anyways i’ll let you go and get off the peoples future.

Not a single major Somaliland newspapers daily picked up the story, nor did any of the normal news programs of major TV. and other news networks uttor a word about this huge scandal and power abuse the Goverment controls the TV, News paper’s and send whatevet information they wants “down the memory hold”.

Our people must understand that the odjectives of Riyaale & Cawil Goverment and their shadows. They seek and exercise supremacy here controlling us in the same way they do the Siad Bare system. They control us in the most effective way of all the mind control exerted by their dominance of mass media. The media control and the political supremacy they exercice though the unbridled power of information. In this country turned upside down.

Democracy is suited to a state where people who want to exercise power are capable of sinking differences and cooperating for the general good and have acquired knowledge and judgment enough to elect suitable representatives and to judge as to the propriety of general lines of policy.The must respected law of our goverment is constution, How is under direct attack. privacy right, which are so essential to freeedom, are being cast away. And Somaliland peoples just smile and say go ahead.We must understand the corrupted system and then changed.

Difficult goverment have myopic vision that centers them squarly on their belly button.They are self-centered, self-absorbed, and often, self-destructive. These understandings turn our windshield wipers on so that we can clearly see Riyaale and his goverment.

Riyaale Sound familiar?

This personality is preoccupied with fantasies of power and being loved. Such a person requires “automatic compliance”. He is “exploitative” of others, “lacks empathy, is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of
others.” And also “shows arrogant, haughty behavior or attitudes.

He’s a very angry guy, a hostile guy, most Droctres says that. “He’s much like nomads man. So they’re very, very careful to choreograph every move he makes. They don’t want him anywhere near protestors, because he would lose his temper.” It would be a grave mistake to just play him for laughs.

Amiin Dahir
Columbus, Ohio


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