I believe we need to say NO, enough, stop,To our government and those who think they are traditional leaders or any ather hub. This can be done in many ways and we don’t have to jiont the ruleing party UDUB, It is still too early to construct a coherent and complete understanding of our people.There is something terribly wrong with the version of events that has been used by the Riyaale administration to launch two invasions and numerous overt and secret aggressions against our Independence and our peace of the people.Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Somalilanders.

I think you are in charge of teaching yourself new things. And should be prepared to seize a learning opportunity when you see it. when you encounter an unfamiliar situation today.Make sure you are clear about what is going on and about what needs to happen and what needs to admit or change. A- Controversial issue could be causing conflict between you and the rest of the country and rest of the peoples.But does it have to..? your opinions are important, and it’s important to defend how you feel about things.But is it worth upsetting the rest of the country..? If they can’t be big enough to accept your position, then you have to be big enough to accept theirs

We just need to be consistent, informed and intelligent As long as you, we are doing something to cause change that will give our government back to us, we can make a change it is working.If you don’t like Goverment TV news, stop watching, listening, reading, using it. If you don’t like what Goverment is doing to people in the Country, don’t Vote at the Goverment. Challenge them in a peace way not hard way.

If you don’t like what they doing and what they have done, don’t vote and support them, go for the alternative Vote for ather political party UCID, Kulmiye. If you want to participate in comeing campaigns to your representatives, do it for who make change. If you have some information to share and you think the information can further the cause, share it. If you think you can cause positive change by joining an ploticis party, do so. You have control over you and if you feel you are losing control, do something to start getting it back. If you are taking (drugs,chat) to make it through the day and to dull your mind, stop taking them.

If you find out the political party that you like, find out more about it and find out if it is good for nation and if it actually works for you. Success is habit forming, so we need to get some and we have the answers. We don’t need to look to them for answers. So, what can you do? What do you have to add? What do you have to share? What is your area of suport? What do you know? What can you find out about them? Do you know of alternatives to the establishment? Do you have some double solutions? How can you participate? (And you can)

Which is why we talking to people today and tomorrow, at this moment for the Century. Democracy is dead, my friends, though many people still go through the motions with elections and what not. I’m not asking you to stop elections. I ask that people simply embrace their right roots. Let them sink into your bones, so that you’re in position to maximize your power and say no we need the other direction ather goverment who is healing the wounds. .

By any standards the events of change the time of election,Riyaale and his Goverment creating a crime. Every crime has a motive and one or more beneficiaries. While some motives in this case remain hidden, it is abundantly clear that the main beneficiaries are the Riyaale administration and his suporters.

The real question remains: who was really behind the crimes of those who dei in hargeisa for water wells, 2009? Did the “government within the government” was it really melatery Genarail do it due to hate of that area? Was it really the work of a well-organized and well-funded organization, or was it the work of a group of individuals especially trained to carry out the evil deed? Nothing can be ruled out. It is undeniable that the Riyaale and his Gang has been in the habit of corruption,power abuse, and neglected system. Reyaale and his Goverment, Ignoring all international and moral standards of justice and legality, the Reyaale administration acted as the prosecutor, judge and executioner.So what we expected if we elect him again.

We are Somalilanders. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The reality is you are the problem.Now let’s turn the real word which is suite for you. What do you do when you have faild..? in other words, what do you do when you have talked so people wan’t listen.

People with social, political, or economic interests including (SULDAAN)- Tend to downplay certain risks and emphisize others that suit their own agendas.

Amiin Dahir


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