Imentioned My Previous Article the war between,Somaliland Goverment and Free press, And isuggest Bothsides Journalizt keep the principle of the press,and goverment allow the journalizt to perfom their factions and their free access, the indepedent journalizt Chalange the dictators Against, freedom of speech it is not good to break the moral of journalizt becouse moral is the miror of human being, any way our country has rule and regulations and the constutions, consider the free press, concept of democoracy is freedom of citizen, but there is some Journalizt concenterate on how they chalange, the goverment, And for get their proffession, the other side there is No press Organizations,
Condem the Aggression of the Goverment towards Journalizt , becouse they divided parts, some of them they support Goverment and Others Oppossition Parties, and there is no consideration between them, before one month, the president house Guards Beat badly, Somaliland Video Journalizt Ahmed nuur gagab, And there was No any Reaction and condemned from somaliland free press Organizations,It was yestedrday when somaliland Police officer Belong to wajaale District Beat, somaliland video Journalizt nuur haybe Jirde work somaliland International Tv Horn Cable Tv, He Insulted and treatened, and destroy his camera Whith out reason, it is not ral democoracy to attack journalizt Work their soceity sucrifice.

its very unfortunate somaliland police to kill the journalizt, Ithink police dont understand the significant Rule journalizt in the society but Goverment muzt presuade them, if they cant understand the Right of the journalizt, the police are parking up the wrong three they muzt Apologize the journalizt and admit their mistakes, Neverthless iam saying goverment Stop killing journalizt.

mahad nuux muumin
pakistan islamabad


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