Firstly I would like to thank the President of the republic of Somaliland Mr Dahir Riyaale Kaahin and his members of government for the achievement to secure the land and the steps they have taken in developing democracy in the country for the past seven years. I also would like to thank the government for the action they have taken in terms of the last terrorist attacks and huge processes for providing the registration cards to Somaliland citizens for the upcoming election. I also thank the National Election Commission for the huge task they have taken in these national insurance cards. I advice them to work faithfully with the whole Somaliland authorities and with the any International Agencies, which have any links with this election, such as the AIPBO (An International Peace Building Organization) for to get this election as fairly and democratically as possible

My urgent letter is concerning this upcoming election, because we all know the election has concerned and confused the citizens. The recent increasing arguments and disagreements between the opposition leaders and government have made the citizens anxious for the future of this nation. Therefore I strongly advice to all Somaliland leaders to take large responsible as what they say through media to citizens of Somaliland and work closely with the National Election Commission as truthfully as possible. I also advice to stop these comments (– which can divide the nation –) they send through media, because it just confuses the society and causes corruption, violence and division within society.

In our fatherland (Somaliland), everyone has right to express their own opinion to the public, especially the politicians who want to become a leader and represent this country, which Somaliland citizens should be proud of it.

However, I would like to inform to all Somalilander politicians; “Today you are representing the country and you are responsible as an elected politician as what you say through media to the public, because it could influence the citizens”.

Specifically to opposition leaders, I would like to notify that today you can be an elected president in this nation and you will possibly lead this country in the future. It all depends whether this nation has an interest on your theory to lead this nation for the next five years (if Allah allow us to live). I advice you not to use fierce languages which can cause conflict, worry and division within the nation. This could take us back to the period of 1988—1991, when our fatherland (Somaliland) was under a war. I do not want that to happen again to my fellow citizens, who love to live in the peace and a democratic state.

I personally believe, that for the sake of this country, the best solution is to discuss the issue during the periods of disagreements and make a final agreements together.

In Conclusion, I do not want see or hear in any kind of hazard, which could cause a rift within the country. Therefore, I am asking the Government of Somaliland, Both Opposition parties (Kulmiye & Ucid), House of Parliaments and National Election Commission to be aware that they have the responsibility for our country and its future lies in their hands. I strongly recommend all of you to work as closely as possible, especially if this kind of crisis or disagreements comes into Somaliland. We should always work with the interest of public in mind and I do not think arguing through the media is what our citizens want from the top leaders of this nation.

Politics can sometimes divide us but we Somaliland people has a common issue which unite us which is the Somaliland being recognize internationally. To get there we must work together and truthfully.

May Allah bless you and bless our fatherland Somaliland.

Sadiq Maxamed Xassan Yey




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