The third war of the world goes on by Abdi Ahmed Digale (Digale)

The third war of the world goes on by Abdi Ahmed Digale (Digale)

Since the post cold world war, and disintegration of the totalitarianism and communism spirit led by Soviet Union during 1991, the western nations had been searching for a substitute enemy in the place of communism shifting their hostility towards Muslim states. After the collapse of communist system, western states saw Islam as a new enemy and threat to their national interests. There is a impressive expression provided by professor Huntington in his book entitled’ Clash of Civilizations ; indicating that westerns were engaging in creating a new enemy which was obviously Islam, I quoted that speech here “ there can not be true friends with out true enemy, unless we hate what we are not, we can not love what we are”.

Moreover, a prominent author called Fukuyama wrote a book during 1992, entitled “The End of History; he pointed out that liberal democracy spirit as a system of the government had emerged through out the world over the past few years after having conquered and defeated the economic system of fascism, communism and authoritarian regimes. In respect of his expression towards the global politics, the international community moved into peaceful and democratic era, but the real matter is that the westerns initiated their dominance in the world in many fields launching war, antagonism, depression and hostility against Islam, in terms of massive military, political, and economical war.

They ,began to dominate the international capital markets and global politics condemning international Islamic agencies and seminary schools.They looted natural resources belonging to Muslim countries through invasion as well as Iraq or diplomatic ways as Arabs in Middle East regions controlling the sea lanes. On the other hand Muslim people were aware of the horror and catastrophe situation towards their societies believing quite clear that the clashes and conflicts would take place between westerns and Muslim nations at any time, but misfortunately they lack of unity and charismatic leaders to protect social, ideology, national interest and political rights of Muslims.

Although the war on Muslims, after Soviet Union disintegration moved slowly and indirectly, yet 11 September in 2001, attacks on American Trade Centre and Pentagon escalated clashes between the two societies. Earlier wars like first and Second World War started on the basis of different aspects but the third war of the world started in terms of religious war while George W. Bush declared openly war on Muslims as crusade which had led the entire worldwide into the third war that seems endless conflicts. George w bush was a cruel political man begotten by cruel father; he is a blood shedder and the father of evils who did horrible genocide against American Indian, Hiroshima, Vietnam and Iraq. The international community believes that, Adolf Hitler was the most cruel political leader but Bush was more cruel than him, all American political leaders are real criminals. Although, Bush, Tony Blair and other western leaders apologized of that crusade war declared by bush after 11 September, persuading the international societies that war was launched on what they called terrorism, but the actual matter was what slipped out of Bush’s mouth. Besides that the international community failed to define the term terrorism, the president of France, Jacques Chirac defined it as; feverish expression of suffering, frustration and injustice; whereas the former UN secretary Mr. Kofi Annan defined it as, seismic shift in international relations. Lots of evidences indicating the continuity of the third world war could be seen in many parts of the global, we know what happens in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Palestine and many areas across the worldwide.
The Zionist pro-administration of Israel, since its birth on the earth, Israel enjoyed a strong support of western countries, particularly United States had proved large budget support and weaponry military programs allowing tax exception for private donations facilitating market access, supplied latest military weapons and abused its veto power in the security council to shield Israel from resolution condemning its inhuman actions.

According to Gaza conflicts in January 2009, the Zionist pro-administration tried to demolish and root out Hamas administration but it failed to do so, because Hamas leaders refused to give up resistance to their enemy. Israel, used a disproportion of military forces in both air strikes and ground attacks, the Zionist pro-state killed around one thousand and sustained injured more than tenth of thousands of Palestinians where millions were displaced facing shortages of food, medicine, water electric, and shelter, although heavy weapons were used for those innocent people yet Hamas leaders did not give up the resistance to Israel naked aggression by using any possible skill and techniques. More classic evidence of western offensive aggression towards Muslim states is the recently emerged case against the president of Sudan , Hassan AL Bashir,they claim that international criminal court; Hague; accused him of criminal against humanity in Darfur but they do not have right to raise such accusations against the president. On the other hand, if we compare the present day war to the earlier wars like first and second war, the present day war on Muslims is little different from the first and second world war in terms of religious aspects.

The First World War, 1914 -1918 was sparked by the death of Ferdinand belonged to Austria, during that war thousands of innocent people were killed as well as present day genocide committed by westerns. The Second World War in 1939-1945 lasted in six terrible years and left huge death and destructions, during this war, America, dropped atomic bombs on Japan cities .In 1945, America dropped two bombs called “Little Boy; on Hiroshima and “Fat Man’ on Nagasaki which killed millions of people, the same weapons were used on Iraq by America. Thus, the hostility between the two societies continued over many years, as at the end twenty century more than thirty eight states led Bush entered for the war against Iraq to destroy the social system, civilization and nuclear program of Iraq. Muslims lack quality of unification but fortunately Islamic groups struggle and fight bravely confronting with westerns by using highly sophisticated techniques as firing rockets, bomb blast roads, and suicide bomb skills.. Hence, the third war of the world intensified through the global in the sense of military, economy and political manner. Anyhow, the third war really goes on and even if the attacks on American trade centre and pentagon were not carried out, American military defence had made a secret plan to attack some Muslim states including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and others.


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