The wolrd we live every country has rules and regulations to solve proplems, Recent day as we all aware of there is a conflict policy In our country between Oppositon parties and the Goverment, the oppositon parties Kulmiye and Ucid passing the buck Somaliland president is postpone,presidential election that will intend to held 29 march,there was previous Agreement, kulmiye and Ucid reached the goverment to postpone the presidential election, but to day it seems it couldnt possible, and somaliland president on sticky wicket the choice is not concerining him, the deccession is conceirn opposition parties and somaliland.

electoral commison, it is aneedle in hystack to postpone election,the eyes of international community on somaliland and it is not good for to neglect the time of the elction, it is sure most somaliland people Support The major Opposition party Kulmiye and it seems they will win comming election, the goverment has not the authority, to corrupt the election everything is abvious, the main reasons Udub party will miss the election, every day we see somaliland free media there is lack of security exist capital city hargeisa, lack of water, and most somaliland youth.

When they graduate university they don get opportunity job and the goverment is responsible all that proplems, Udub ruled country 7years and there is no any devlopment accept what citizens did their country, the natural ressources in our country is livestock, and goverment gave aljabiri as monopoly, is it fair? realy no becouse 40% somaliland community survive free trade livestock and goverment baned, the pledges to rebuild somaliland cement factory, somaliland people waiting last 7 years aview days before somaliland commercial minister define that there is no hope to repuild cement factory, now we ralize everything, lets sleeping dogs lie the curent goverment has not the choice but opposition parties has the authority timing election.

mahad nuux muumin
pakistan islamabad


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