The Case for Somaliland By:-CabdiFataax Ismaaciil Cilmi Columbus, Ohio

The Case for Somaliland By:-CabdiFataax Ismaaciil Cilmi Columbus, Ohio

The Case for Somaliland By:-CabdiFataax Ismaaciil Cilmi Columbus, Ohio

For the past 20 years or so Somaliland has been looking for international recognition. Recognition has alluded us for such a long time that some of us have lost hope.

Almost all of us believe that with recognition would mean a better economic situation for our citizens because this would allow us to borrow money from international institutions. Also this would allow us to invite major companies to seriously search for natural resources deep in our soil and hopefully once we find oil somewhere in Somaliland or within our territorial waters we would in less than a half century be developed like Dubai. We are required to make a bold move politically in order to achieve this recognition we are after.

The leadership of Somaliland has for a long time relied heavily on Arab countries to recognize our self-determination and they have flat out refuse to recognize us. Instead what they recognized to do is impose economic embargo on us via banning our only trading source with them, our livestock. This led to many hardships to the effect that the rural people were forced to abandon raising livestock. These people have flocked into major cities in Somaliland thus increasing the unemployment rate in these cities.

We were and are actually fools enough to naively think that the Arabs would help us in any way, shape or form, because this is not in their national interest. One does not have to look very far to understand the Arabs motive.

The motive is the Nile. The nile runs through several countries in Africa but most importantly in runs through Ethiopia as well as Egypt. Egypt heavily relies on the Nile for its agricultural output. Ethiopia at the other hand wants to divert the Nile river to better suit its economical objective and therefore in the process directly or indirectly effect Egypt’s livelihood. So Egypt for a long time has used greater Somalia to divert Ethiopias attention away from the Nile but since the break up of the greater Somalia Ethiopia has put its focus back on the Nile.

Here is where Somaliland comes in. Egypt has spoken to her fellow brethrens, the Arabs, to not accept Somaliland’s statehood because Egypt feels this will mean the weakening of her former satelite state that kept Ethiopia in check. So these Arab countries have concocted a plan to cripple us economically and emotionaly. We have for so long hoped they would come to our aide and deliver us from this economic hardship as a fellow Muslim country. However its evident to us they have no intention of helping us out whatsoever.

We have to make a bold political move in order to secure our own national aim. What we need to do is recognize the state of Israel. yes Israel. One has to understand that national interest is the only fact that counts. In the theory of Political Realism, it states that each and every nation has to look at its sole interest, nothing less or nothing more. There is a saying in the English language “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. In this case we dont have to be friends with Israel, we would just recognize their existance and in return we achieve our independence.

Perhaps some of you would say “what about the Palestinians?” The answer is if their brethren refuse to help them we are not obligated to help either. Somalidu waxey ku maah maahdey “ninkii tiisa wax u tara, ayaa tu kale u tara” (something like that, but you got the point”)

Some of you would say “this is unislamic to do”. My answer to you is what unislamic have the arabs havent done yet, I mean they have done everything unislamic out there to do. These are same people that donated a billion dollars to the U.S. for hurricane Katrina donation. while at the same time we, their brethrens, were starving right next door.

By:CabdiFataax Ismaaciil Cilmi
Columbus, Ohio


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